Monday, January 30, 2012

Speedy Carve--When you only have time for a quickie

© Cathy Savage 2012, Speedy Stamp and scan of sketch
I carved Brahe on Friday. My plan was to laser that night during my allotted time at MAKEatx, and I wanted a lino print to use as my roadmap. When I went into my studio to get to work, I was lured by the word Speedy that was peeking out at me from my shelf o' crap. If you haven't come in contact with this stuff before, Speedy Stamp/Carve is a pink-eraser like slab that is a breeze to cut, though it should really be called "Easy" vs. "Speedy," since it still took about 2.5 hours. (For some reason, brand name Speedball has similiar products with various names: Speedy Cut, Speedy Carve/Stamp--and I can't tell the difference between them besides the color--one white one pink. I did ask Google, however, and one blogger considers Speedy Carve/Stamp superior to Speedy Cut. Who knew?) You also have to be careful when printing with this stuff. I didn't mount it on anything which it claims can be done, but the material squishes if the pressure is too tight, turning your 4x6 into a 4x8.

© Cathy Savage 2012, Speedy Stamp
with transferred image
I transferred my sketch of Brahe, which was a scanned drawing, using a Chartpak Blender Pen. This transfer method is easy but really gross because the pen contains Xylene. The pen says "non-toxic" on it. Yeah, right. Use it outside and consider a respirator. The blender pen transfer came through as promised, easy breezy.

© Cathy Savage 2012, Woodcut ready to proof
I lasered Brahe into the same wood as Kepler and I hope to proof it today. I did some hand work on Kepler over the weekend since one pass on the laser turned out to be too shallow. I lasered Brahe twice to get some extra depth, and once I proof I'll be able to see if that was enough. (When you use the laser on wood is chars the wood, that's why Brahe looks like espresso. He has a nice aroma too.)

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