Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting There with the Epilog Laser

© Cathy Savage 2012
I proofed my woodcut yesterday, and although I need to add some handwork and some planetary motion doodads, I think it's looking pretty good. I've been thinking about adding some color and after mulling it over, have decided to do a small edition in B&W, then will carve more and add a bold second color with a hint of a 3rd color. I have a metallic silver, and it's just dying to represent Brahe's prosthetic nose (I'm not kidding. He lost his real nose in a duel). You can tell that going over Brahe with a second run on the laser really helped with the incidental printing.

For the color version, where did my inspiration come from? Oddly enough, from a Time magazine cover of Donald Rumsfeld. (I keep a book with scraps of stuff I like taped in it for reference--in this case, the color combo, not Donald.)

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