Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Body Parts

I cut out some body parts yesterday on MAKEatx's Epilog laser cutter. 15 mins! I was cutting these out before with a band saw and my accuracy was terrible because it was just a standard blade, not a really skinny one. Now they are cut with laser precision baby!

© Cathy Savage, 2010. Perriot considers Scissors, 17 x 10"

The body parts will be covered with an intaglio print and mounted in a box like this one. The background here is encaustic, but it's a varied edition, so anything goes. I cut out some extra parts for kid activities. We can drill holes in the arms and legs after painting to make custom jumping dudes. I also have a wood burning set so I really think the kids will have a fun time working on their own design.

I also lasered some of Tesla's patent drawings into a piece of chip board. On my first attempt I forgot to reverse my image--even seasoned printmakers make occasional errors--which was a drag but I just flipped the chip board over and started again. I started prepping the plate last night while waiting for my daughter to get out of her music theory class--it's just impossible to get things done otherwise. The plan is after I coat the plate with PVA I can use it as an intaglio matrix. Stay tuned!

Someone asked me the other day how I managed to do it all. Well, my house is usually a wreck, for one. And even though I have access to TV over the computer, I don't watch it much. I did however, watch Netflix last night (I'm watching Lillie, a TV series from the late 70s about Lillie Langtry) as incentive to tackle the pile of laundry that has been plaguing our couch for days. Ugh! At least I managed to fold them all in one episode so I could head back into the studio before bed.

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