Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Work Day

Fridays are my business day. It had become my slow day after a busy art week, so I moved my business day to Fridays instead of where it was--Manic Monday. I have an inbox that I'm actually using. I put receipts in it as they come, business cards of folks to add into my mailing list, galleries I want to investigate online, calls for entry, plus any correspondence. I also have a folder in my email account for electronic notes. Then on Fridays I sit down and knock it all out--and it takes the entire morning. My Google doc spreadsheet for tracking expenses seems to be working fine since I can access it at my PC or netbook. And I've added a tab for income--in anticipation of future windfalls (grin). After my data is entered and my notes are written, I file my papers into an accordion file where they will live for the next year before going into a manilla envelope with 2012 written on it. Having a notebook where the same info is tabulated is just as worthy as an official accounting system. So, the best calendar, accounting method, artist software? One that you'll actually use.

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