Thursday, March 15, 2012

For Date Night or B'fast--just roll the dice!

These came in the other day. Shucks on not taking them out of the bag to photograph, but I'm giving them to my husband as a gift next month so I'm wanting the wrapping intact. These indecision dice are made by Joelle Geisler and you can pick some up for yourself at her etsy site. I asked for one cube to be b'fast and one cube for date night, and I gave her custom name requests such as Casa de Luz--our favorite restaurant. I was able to choose from a list of activities and b'fast foods so these will be perfect for the Savage household. So for instance, I left "art gallery" off the date night die--not Keith's fav--and requested "jam together," so we can uke it out.
I had another fun package arrive the same day--Akua Kolor! Yippee! I have gelatin printmaking ready to go too, since I just did a deal with Wes' cub scout den. Perfect timing!

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