Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Time to Let Go

© 2010 Cathy Savage, Tesla and His Favorite Things,
20 x 20", encaustic collage
I love this piece. Over the course of my art career I've produced a few that really stick with me. You know, ones that I want to see everyday. This is one of them. But I also need to sell my work in order to keep at it. I had a friend interested in this in June of 2010 and I've held off selling it since it was committed to 2 shows, then it when to City Hall for 2011. I brought it over to my friend's house for a preview on Sunday. I offered to let it live there for a few days before she buys it, just to make sure a desire 2 years ago still holds. If she decides not to buy it, well, that'll be great! If she decides to buy it, it's something I'll see again for sure, and I'd be happy for my first Tesla piece to live in her house.

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