Saturday, April 28, 2012

Printing on MDF

Photoshop image of scanned flowers
(The image will be inverted when printed)
Relief on MDF
Students in my printmaking workshop drew images of flowers and after scanning them, I created a collage in Photoshop to laser cut into MDF. I treated the MDF before lasering with shellac (applied with a rag, let dry, lightly sanded with white 3M pad, reapplied shellac, resanded).

Digital techniques printmaking--here to stay
On the way to MAKEatx , our topic was Modern Printmaking Techniques Used Alone or when Combined with Traditional Printmaking--Are They Acceptable? Since they have been raised in high tech, I really wanted to get their opinions. When someone creates an image exclusively in Photoshop and calls it a Digital Woodcut, then prints it on a high-end laser printer, should it be called a woodcut? Here we were going to a laser cutting machine to digitally engrave a piece of wood. The consensus? Digital is here to stay. Artwork needs to be properly noted with technique. I also encouraged them to question artists and gallery owners how art works are created and printed, e.g. "art print" can actually mean "reproduction" and not "hand-pulled print"--not everyone is on the same page on full disclosure.

Here's an up close of our laser cut MDF. We print next week!

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