Monday, May 7, 2012

Art marketing workshops in Austin

Art Marketing Workshops by Cheryl Finfrock
One week ago I attended an artist career development workshop led by Cheryl Finfrock, and I found it very worthwhile. Cheryl is an established artist and works as a bookkeeper on the side, so her brain is nicely accustomed to both left and right brain functions--how handy! Anyway, I just wanted to mention that Cheryl fills a much needed gap for art marketing workshops here in Austin. She's a dynamic speaker and provided handouts and lots of references to the attendees (I took the workshop on finding a gallery, though she has several in her rotation. Check out upcoming workshop on creating a professional Facebook page here.) Bonus: it was affordable!

Springboard Open Studios
I participated in open studios on Saturday and sold Grackle No. 3 (above) to someone that dropped by. I was hoping to edition while there, but was having difficulties getting a nice rich black on my Kepler print, so I just gave in and chatted up the people that stopped in. I'm going to give Kepler another shot this week, hopefully tomorrow, and he better well cooperate! (I'd like to note that Tesla never gave me this much trouble.)

Teaching gig almost over
I regret to say my printmaking workshop at Griffin is coming to a close. I've enjoyed it. There are a couple of people in there that seem to have developed a genuine interest in printmaking. At a minimum the class knows some of the lingo: relief, intaglio, collagraph, woodcut, monotype and monoprint. I will be meeting with the principal in a week or so to discuss coming back--so it looks like this might continue!

Haven Gallery moving to Colorado
I had a nice arrangement with Haven on 6th Street--for those of you that live out of Austin, it's a street with some notoriety around here (if for nothing else, the amount of bars on it). But alas, Haven is moving to Estes Park, Colorado. They have asked me to show with them up there, so of course I'm interested. I found it rather nice to have a local connection, so I'm going to have to work on that.

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