Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fixing Cut Error on Woodcut

I made a cut error when making this matrix on the laser cutting machine. Luckily this wood putty works very well. It's called Quik Wood and it's a two part epoxy that you knead and then press into place. (I think I bought it from a McClains rep that was visiting Flatbed Press a few years ago, but you can pick it up at the hardware store. Speaking of McClains, I like their Shina plywood, which I'm using here.)

Here's the after. I've scraped out the overflow putty while it was curing and therefore soft. I plan to print it this week and will post a pic of this corner.

6 freshly gessoed wood panels

I'm on my way to 6 more Grackles and I have the beginning of that process documented here. I'm heading up to Dallas soon and I want to shop them around to a gallery I've been talking with. I hope to have a gallery here in Austin pick them up too. Once I have the details, I'll be sure to brag about it right here on this blog. :)

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