Sunday, May 27, 2012

Laser Cutting Workshop for Printmaking, Day 2

We had a great time printing Friday night! Here are the results--though I'm missing a pic of a white line relief plate (Angela, send me pictures of your plate and print once you get a chance to test it and I'll put it up). MAKEatx is interested in holding this type of workshop again. I'm all for it, because even though I didn't work myself and wandered around answering questions, I learned a lot from what was produced and printed. Next time I'd love to experiment with melamine and acrylic. (All photos in this post by Debbie Buie.)

© 2012 Debbie Buie. This is a relief print on dry paper
using Akua intaglio ink. The chip board was laser "etched" 2x
and then sealed with acrylic medium.

© 2012 Deborah McLouth. Both of these intaglio prints were
laser "etched" into mat board and sealed with acrylic medium.
The fish was hit with the laser 2x and the flowers 1x.
We're leaning towards 1x as best for intaglio.

© 2012 Susan Randle. Susan laser "etched" Baltic Birch.
The beetle was printed as relief while the other print was treated like an engraving.

© Susan Randle. Here's a picture of Susan's plate.
It was hit with the laser 2x.

© 2012 Debbie Buie. This is Debbie's plate inked up and ready to go.
It is laser engraved Masonite that has been coated
2x with shellac. Unfortunately I don't have
a pic of a finished print to show you, but it came out beautifully.
Debbie printed on dry paper using Akua Intaglio ink. Since
there were no large white areas we only hit this relief plate
with the laser 1x, and it printed fine with no hand work needed.

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