Friday, June 1, 2012

Laser engraved White Line Block

© 2012 Angela Hayes
The MAKEatx joint printing/laser engraving workshop last week was really fun--here's the last set of plates that I needed to show you. I don't know much about white line relief printing, but Angela Hayes laser etched a masonite block that was coated 2x with shellac (shown the bottom of the pic). She also laser etched a piece of chip board with the same design, which she coated 2x with 50:50 gel medium to water. I haven't seen a print from the white line block, but down below is an intaglio printed proof of Angela's chip board, printed with Akua intaglio ink with color added to the plate with a brush before printing. We had such a great response and would like to hold the workshop again. I'm working with the MAKEatx folks to figure out a good date and am shooting for August. If you're not on the WPA mailing list and would like to find out more info, please drop me a note at csavage @ savage artist (dot) com.

© 2012 Angela Hayes
I'm off to a ukulele festival in Dallas soon, and I plan on getting in all kinds of great playing and listening! I hope you're doing something equally inspiring this weekend!

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