Sunday, June 10, 2012

Repair, Make, Write, Toss

Today I fixed this bug net.
Believe me, I was glad to see this big
thing leave my sewing nook.
This is going to be a week of action! We're at Camp Home this week and I told my 10-yr old it was high time he learned how to operate a sewing machine, so we're going to work on a project together. To get ready for this, I sized up my sewing nook which was pretty overloaded with crapola (give me a flat surface in this house and by George I'll fill it with crap). You know what? Cleaning my nook made me feel great! A still have a pile of stuff that needs repairing--patches sewn on, button replaced--so my goal is to repair one project per day for the next 5 days and get that stuff out of my nook forever.

Birch Switch plate that now has
Tesla's System of Electric Lighting engraved on it,
courtesy of my Epilog Laser time
at MAKEatx this afternoon.
Why stop at repairing? It would be great to make something--or finish a stalled project--each day for the next 5 days. Sewing? Painting? Carving Erasures? Planting succulents? It can be anything, big or small. This camp-free week we're going to keep busy all week with crafts, mark my words!

Same idea, but tackle one letter, email or phone call that has been put off. Today it was an overdue thank you note. I think the kids will enjoy writing notes/sending drawings to their grandparents and cousins this week. 

What's a productive week without removing a bit of clutter? One item per day... What'll it be? Cookbook? Skirt that no longer fits? Art supply? (Unlikely, but you never know.) Today I put 6 magazines in the pile to take to the library for the magazine exchange--yes, they were on top of my sewing table.

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