Monday, July 23, 2012

Studio Visit--Angelique Tassistro

Curve Studios, River Arts District, Asheville NC 28801
I love Angelique Tassistro's pottery and I've been collecting her pieces for the last 3 years. I had the pleasure of visiting Angelique during my recent trip to Asheville, NC. I took a ton of pictures because I knew you'd want to see. Here's the outside of Curve Studios, which consists of work space on the 2nd floor for a group of artists (kilns, etc), and a gallery on the 1st floor.

Angelique Tassistro and some of her work.
Here's Angelique in front of her area of the gallery.

© 2012 Angelique Tassistro
I just brought home the lovely platter on the left that's almost out of the frame and I'm using it as a gigantic fruit bowl (if you only knew how my family gnaws through fruit, you'd be impressed).  I asked Angelique how she keeps herself from straying into other arts and crafts to focus on pottery. She said it wasn't easy because photography is also a passion, but she knows it's slippery getting hooked on multiple threads so she intentionally stays focused on her pottery and reels herself in when necessary.

Angelique works regular 9-5 hours in her studio and isolates the first hour of the day to tackle computer, shipping, and catalog related tasks. The rest of the day she's making and glazing her beautiful pieces.

This is going to be a cake platter!
I like her fun signature in the upper left.

I hope you've enjoyed these! Here are links to Angelique's website and Facebook page in case you want more info.

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