Thursday, August 30, 2012

Organizing Sucks/Is Awesome

I cleaned and gussied up a filing cabinet. It took 2 days--and I'm just talking contents. My previous system wasn't working so I decided to combine my business and family files into one location, and hence why it took so dang long. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing now, and it's no longer frightening to have to file a medical or business receipt. Yes, I have a label maker and I put it to use. Each time I ventured into my studio I would tackle a new pile of papers, so now my studio table is clean as a by-product of the filing project. My studio bookshelf also saw some love and I'm about to take about 15 books to the local resale bookstore. Turns out that just because a book is art-related, it does not mean I need to keep it for life.
The Plus A Century Portfolio,
A blurb book by artist Ellen Heck
Tomorrow I plan on making cup after cup of tea and will be slowly devouring this book, by artist Ellen Heck. I saw her work a few months ago at Wally Workman Gallery and I was blown away!

Artist Ellen Heck, detail of Eleni with Roman,
drypoint and aquatint over woodcut, 2010, plate 18 x 12"

Here's a peek to give you an idea of what I'm in for. Yea! I've barely flipped through it since I've been waiting to see it all at once in its glory. It's been difficult to wait, but I think I'm going to be happy to enjoy it in a silent house with just me and my cats. (And a tidy filing cabinet nearby.)

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