Friday, August 3, 2012

Uh, Here's my Collage

© 2012 Cathy Savage, untitled, collage on gessoed paper, 22 x 30"
Here it is! It's on a brown couch which I couldn't remove without chopping off corners of the piece. It's on gessoed paper that has warped in the gluing process, so I need to gesso the back well and flatten as it dries. It it done? Not sure. Sometimes you just need to get in the studio and work. And sometimes you stop working on a piece even if you're not sure if it's done. I have a magnetic strip on a wall in a high traffic area of my house, and this piece will hang there for awhile and I may add or substrate or leave alone. It's open for business and will be until I've decided it's finished for good.

Art Week about to Happen
I have a graphic design gig this coming week that will bore me to tears, but it pays the bills--so there won't be any new work happening. Hopefully I'll put in some time cleaning my studio and getting another full sheet of paper gessoed and ready for my next collage. I have a week in the studio coming to me the week after while my family is out of town and I am looking forward to it. (Yay for studio time, but it's mixed with a bit of "boo hiss!" since they'll be vacationing without me.) I'm kicking off my art week with a trip to Houston for some gallery hopping and inspiration. If you have any suggestions for stops in Houston, please let me know.

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