Thursday, October 4, 2012

DIY frame

I made a frame that will be easy for me to switch work in and out. The wood (1 x 1 x 36" dowels) totaled $13. I used a chop saw and cut them at 45 degree angles, then glued and nailed them together using a triangle and clamps to make sure they were perfectly square. I glued this frame onto a 1/8" slab of baltic birch which I had on hand (probably $3 worth), then attached my work to the inside of the wood using steel thumbtacks and super magnets. (Easy! No gluey, sticky residue on work I remove, so there's a plus.)

I purchased mirror clips for $2.75. I was hoping for cool metal looking ones, but these could accommodate my 1/8" thick piece of plexi that I already had on hand, which was about $15. I had D rings and hanging wire for the back, but they're worth about $5.

Here's the corner of my frame up close. You can see the magnet in the upper left. I'm leaving the plexi protective coating on my piece until the very last second to avoid potential scratches. I'm hanging it tomorrow at First UU church and once it's up, I'll take a picture unless it's hideous. It's certainly very sturdy, so I think it's going to hold up fine. This kind of frame will help me in non-fancy shows. For a gallery exhibit, I go to my framer, Winner "Augie" Augustine.

Here's Lincoln from the other day. This is after the second color/printing. I have the 3rd color up next after I put the final touches on my woodcut. (I was sidetracked with rearranging the studio yesterday and failed to proof my 3rd color. Soon...)

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