Monday, October 1, 2012

Making tracks on Lincoln

Abe Lincoln woodcut, in progress, 10 x 7.25"
I was watching the biography of Carl Sandberg on American Masters while carving my woodcut, when I found out that Carl wrote a 6 volume biography on his favorite president, Lincoln. This is worth a watch, by the way, and you can watch it by following this link to PBS.

This is my 3rd and possibly final carving on this woodcut. I hope to post color #2 tomorrow so you can see the process.

Iced Toddy, after 12 hours of brewing
I wanted to thank my friends and blog readers for their well wishes during my weeks of melancholy following the passing of my high school buddy, Ross. It was a blow, and every good vibe was appreciated. I made sure to exercise at least three times last week, log in the hours in my studio, and drink lots of iced coffee. I know it'll be a long haul to recovery for Ross' family, but being wedged between my couch cushions wasn't doing anyone any good. xo

Toddy Maker--I must comment on this coffee maker. It brews a pound of coffee at a time, creating a coffee concentrate. I add boiling water to about a 1/3 cup of concentrate to make a hot mug of coffee, or the same ratio of cold water and ice to make iced coffee. If you like iced coffee at Starbucks, they use the same method.

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