Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's the Little Things

Wow. This week has been especially rough; I had another friend pass away, my girlfriend's mom was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, we have Sandy the Frankenstorm, and it's all mixed together with election drama. My spousal strife regarding the Honey-Do List (or Don't List in my case) really seems insignificant as I type this. I'm looking forward to camping this weekend because I'll be reduced to focusing on 1. staying warm, 2. not gagging while using the porta-potty and 3. having adequate snacks. Sometimes taking a step back and enjoying the little things is the right antidote to Crazy.

The campground-safe coffee plunger on the right is what I'll be
bringing with me this weekend. It's insulated and stainless steel. :)
This is what made me smile first thing this morning. My friend Preston Woodruff in Brevard, NC makes these awesome coffee scoops. He makes other fabulous stuff like bowls, dulcimers and lutes, so check him out. Anyway, the scoop was made with Preston's own hands, and today when I was making my coffee, I really took the time to admire and feel the warm fuzzies it generated by being handcrafted. If you want your own scoop, send an email to Preston and he'll be quick with getting back.

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