Saturday, October 20, 2012

World Domination

OK, that's misleading. But my grackles are now in the gift shop at the Museum of Printing History in Houston,

along with this guy, who is in a group show there until February 9.

Tesla and His Favorite Things, on exhibit at the Museum of
Printing History, Houston, TX

This goal took 10 months to implement
Sadly, my "exercise more" goal for 2012 wasn't seriously considered until my college reunion was on the horizon. I've finally fallen into a 3x per week running regime and it's made a world of difference. I feel better, have more energy, etc. At one point I thought if I put one more thing on my plate, I'd explode, but it turns out I can contribute a minimum of 3 hours a week to maintaining my health. I wonder now why it has been such a struggle. But like any new habit, it takes time to establish. Earlier in the year, for inspiration, I taped a pic when I was super fit on my mirror so I'd see it daily. I'm glad it finally took root. Just a reminder to be gentle with yourself as you work on establishing good habits--and keep on plugging away!


Preston Woodruff said...

Really enjoying my two grackles -- they stare at each other, separated by a few inches of wall space. The Red Wolf Gallery here in Brevard should display them that way. It tells a slightly menacing story.

Preston Woodruff

Cathy Savage said...

Yea! Thank you Preston! Glad you're enjoying them! :)