Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pop! Goes the Easel!

In between thoughts of failure I'm
painting another puppet theater. I sold two at my
recent show at the UU Church!
I've been around the mulberry bush and it ain't lookin' good
I've made a concerted effort to track my expenses this year and good lord it has been a rude awakening. I've been concentrating on gross sales for the last few years, not gross profit. After subtracting my 2012 expenses, well, things look bleak. I may actually make my target for gross sales since there are a few sales in the hopper + EAST is coming up, but if I look at my expenses, I'm not doing much for the family financially. I always knew I wasn't contributing much, but now I realize it's even less than not much. Time to regroup. I think I might actually consider writing a business plan.

On the upside
I had a sale generated from a random click on my website. Woo Hoo! It did start the idea of a shopping cart on the site, then the need to look at my web host, etc. The business side of art can be interesting even though it's time consuming and a slow process. Even though it takes time away from the actual making of the art I enjoying learning about this stuff. I do wish sometimes that I could snap my fingers and have it done for me and damn the learning part. Focusing on my website will be a 2013 goal. Luckily I have a friend in the biz and I'll be poking around soon to see if I can hire her to help me out. If you have any tips, do share!


Preston Woodruff said...

A business plan's a good idea. When I started ATW, the MBA in the house insisted I write one out. She laughed at the result, but acknowledged it at least forced me to make projections as well as keep track of money in/money out.
Also, someone knowledgeable in tax matters -- in my case, a CPA who is sympathetic to the ATW idea -- can get you some tax advantages even if you are just a one-person enterprise w/o incorporation or that kind of thing. The IRS gives you several years to build your work into a business. Look into it. In the meantime, you are producing good work, and that's the single most important thing.

Laura said...

Let me know if things don't work out with your friend. I'd love to help you out. I've got a program coming out in January, but I think you're beyond it. So one-on-one coaching would be better for you if you end up working with me.

Also, keep your chin up! It's a (long) learning process, but you'll get there. You're a great artist, so as long as you keep working, you'll figure out how to make money with it.

Cathy Savage said...

Hey Preston and Laura, thanks for the kind words. I've been saying for years that I want to increase my graphic design work, which is where I end up making the $ vs. art (deep sigh). I may need help getting this part of money making scheme implemented. Would love more info on what you're working on Laura. And Preston, thanks for the encouragement on the business plan. I may have an enhanced left brain side (I'm a whiz in Excel), but the thought of actually working on a business plan has not been appealing before now. I'm glad to hear it was helpful to you. Time to dust off all the books I've purchased to help me get my plan on paper.