Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ripped off like a Band-Aid

© 2012 Cathy Savage, Brunelleschi's Dome, 22 x 30"
I'm fixing--or ruining, however you want to look at it--a collage. I was always slightly unsure about it and couldn't put my finger on it. Here's the before.

I carefully cut around the tree elements I wanted to keep with an X-acto blade, then peeled off the red paper (a frottage print) with surprising success. Gone!!

I might add some duomo sketches (I referred to my own blog post on image transfer--sweet! no digging through my desk for a refresher on how to do it!!), but we'll see. It's evolving. BTW my hand is about 2 feet in front of the collage, which is a full sheet of paper measuring 22 x 30."

Here's an closeup of my image transfer. I love these things! They're easy the and results are great. If you try it and want a well-transferred image, be sure to use a thick coat of the gel medium. You can apply it with a palette knife for a clean look or with a brush to leave stroke texture. Try to rub gently when removing the paper--hard to do because you'll be excited--but you can rub off part of the image if you're not careful, just like I did here.

A sick kid this week and post-Thanksgiving travel kinda landed me on my butt, but hopefully I'll be able to kick things into high gear today and tomorrow. I have a ton of crapola on my plate.

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