Friday, November 16, 2012

Under A Lotus Sky

Proof of Lotus Pods, 5 x 6.75"
My friend and fellow artist Jean Caffeine inspired me when creating this piece. It's a linocut of dried lotus pods. My middle finger on my blade hand is a little sore from grasping the handle so hard. (I should have heated my piece of linoleum up to soften it, but I just kept at it instead of stopping to hunt for the hairdryer.) I think it'll be fun to carve a second plate for some color. 

I tried my hand at some trace monotypes along that same theme.You can see an early version of the linocut in the upper left. The yellow part is with a conte crayon. Don't know what trace monotype is? You can check out a previous blog post on the technique here.

Jean Caffeine, Under an Elvis Moon Lotus Sky

Here was my bit of inspiration. Thanks Jean!

Jean is a huge fan of trace monotype, BTW. I believe that's what she used in this little print.

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Cathy Savage said...

I heard this from a friend that teaches workshops:

I have my students place their linoleum on a heating pad to work and it keeps it warm and easier to work on......

Isn't that a clever idea? (I have one finger that hurts as I type this.)