Thursday, December 27, 2012

This PC family just went slightly Mac

We celebrate Christmas in the Savage household, and so we spent the last few days on family time, big meals, and presents! I'm a little worn out and could use a day of just chilling, which is what I have planned for much of tomorrow--three cheers for tea and biscotti! After the house is kinda put together after our last few days of Mayhem combined with Sloth, I'm going to whip out my new ipad mini (thank you Santa) and upload images of my artwork. What a perfect marketing tool for those times I'm tongue-tied and can't manage to choke out my elevator pitch!

In Other News
  • I have a few go-to cookbooks and I'm happy to report that one of them is back to blogging after what seemed like an incredibly long hiatus. Here it is: VeganYumYum
  •  We had a tree fall on the back of our house. Luckily there was no serious damage, though it was a rather frightening 2 AM wake up crash. Want to know the best chainsaw ever? Here's the link to the commercial grade Makita. Keith chopped up about 2,000 lbs of tree like butter.

  • We have a new dog! We've named her Io after the moon of Jupiter, which was named after one of Zeus' conquests (the one turned into a cow by Hera). Zeus was a busy god.

That's about all the news that's fit to print today. I did receive a wonderful, amazing, super cool birthday present that I plan on sharing with you next post. I intended to take some pics for you today but Sloth is calling me...

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