Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Illusions/Delusions of Grandeur

Vision Board, check! 
I made one the other day. I have new and improved goals for 2013 so I put them in words and pics so I can have a visual reminder of where I'm heading.

Rockin' the Jello!
I'm teaching my first workshop lesson of the semester at Griffin School this afternoon. After I bore the kids to tears with the nitty-gritty of printmaking techniques, I'm rewarding them with some gelatin printmaking. Here's my soon-to-be plate. (Since it's clear, you'll have to trust that the pan is filled with molten jello.) I just poured it and after it firms up a bit I'll put it in the fridge. I use bargain brand gelatin, btw. Knox brand is .20 more per box. Bah!

Which reminds me, the Master Blaster of gelatin printmaking is leading a workshop in Austin in April. Here's a taste of what you'll learn.

For more info, here's the link to the workshop, which is put on by WPA and 100% orchestrated by yours truly. When I took over the role of putting on the workshops, bringing in Linda Germain was my #1 goal. You must attend! It'll be brilliant, I promise!


Linda Germain said...
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Linda Germain said...

Hey Cathy,
I am dreaming of our workshop together in Austin every day!! We are going to have so much fun. I have lots of ideas for our gelatin printing extravaganza.

Cathy Savage said...

Hi Linda! I'm so excited about this workshop and I'm thrilled to finally meet you face to face! We're getting ready to really start promoting your event, so hopefully we'll get the numbers soon so we can start planning your trip.