Friday, January 11, 2013

The Big Dig, Cool Journals, and Sweet Texture

I needed to find something in my studio yesterday and the experience was rattling. So I rolled up my sleeves and spent some time taming it. Phew. I have more to go, but at least I have one functioning surface. I also found an impressive amount of blank books that were no longer blank. Each with some or a few pages of notes of either business ideas or artwork ideas. What the hell?!

The most ironic item found? This issue of BH&G. Notice the clutter buster story. I obviously never got around to reading it. 

Speaking of journals, I came across these fun journals at Austin's Renegade Craft Fair a couple of months ago. They're by Attic Journals. The journals are made using old garage sale finds or out of circulation books from libraries.

If you flip it open you'll find part of the original text, then you'll come across blank journal pages. I had a hard time choosing, but I picked a couple up for gifts.

Now that I have some work space in my studio, I'm going to get on with my Io piece. I added texture the other day using  Lascaux Modelling Paste A and a palate knife. The buckling of the paper that you see in this pic eased up after the paste dried and the paper is laying flat once again.

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