Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Time Flies, Plus Accountability Coaches

Time flies. I set up a date to show my work at a local bakery 3 years ago and it's happening this October! Time keeps on churning. I have a show in Chicago in 2015. I'm not kidding. That seems like a lifetime away but it'll be here sooner than I think. I remember wondering back when I set up the bakery gig if I had enough work. The answer is yes.

Accountability Coach
My best friend and I chat it up every Friday night via Skype--not only to say hi but to check in on some of the good habits we're hoping to cultivate. My art accountability is done through other avenues (my friend Carolyn Kimball and I touch base regularly, I attend a marketing group--see below, and I consider this blog to be a motivator too...). When my girlfriend suggested we work together on the other stuff, I was happy to oblige--besides, we also have an excuse to have a regular chat. I'm just working on domestic stuff--and my g'friend has other action items--but in just a few weeks I feel as though I'm on the right track and less stressed with my new and improved organization.

So, what is this art marketing group?
We meet monthly to discuss Allyson B. Stanfield's book I'd Rather be in the Studio, and it's so good we're starting from the beginning again next month. Allyson has a free guide to building your own salon. You should check it out. If you're local, contact me for when and where and you can join us.  

I also have a vision board to help stay focused on my goals. I give myself a wide berth when I fall short. Life happens and I embrace it, including the speed bumps. 

What kind of things do you do to stay motivated?

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