Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gluing Collage to Wood Panel, Take 2

© 2012 Cathy Savage, Two Sides, 22.5 x 30", collage
(now on panel!)
I've had a ton of great advice on how to adhere my thick collages (heaps of papers and acrylic textures on printmaking paper) onto wood panel and I'm tackling them one at time. My latest attempt worked like a charm and I used a combo of techniques. First, on the Masonite wood panel I prepped it with 2 coats of Liquitex Matte Medium, which is an acrylic polymer emulsion if that means anything to you. Then I coated the back of my already gessoed printmaking paper with the same stuff and when they were both dry, I put an even coat of Golden Soft Gel Medium on the wood panel and plunked down my collage. I made sure to use a brayer to flatten the collage down in a systematic way, attempting to get out all air bubbles--keeping my brayer in action for about 10 mins--then I crossed my fingers and let the collage dry overnight. Success!

I had a few places around the edge of the collage that didn't glue down all the way so I tried Jonathan Talbot's method of reactivating the medium with a tacking iron. I placed a sheet of silicon embedded release paper between the iron and the collage (both available in the sewing section of your local craft store) and it worked fabulously.

Talbot has a booklet on his approach (found here) which I bought and read of course. I look forward to eventually employing all his tips and techniques but I plan to start off with a fresh piece so I can hit all his recommendations

My Masonite looks a little warped with the gluing of the collage, but never fear--it straightened out beautifully with my 1 x 1" poplar supports I glued on the back. 

I'm shipping the work off to Davis & Blevins Gallery tomorrow for a show opening February 16.

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