Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dusting off the Cobwebs!

I spent my studio time yesterday getting work ready for bins. I have one of those huge archival boxes loaded with finished prints, purchased prints, and prints I'm not sure what to do with. It wasn't easy cracking it open and wading in, but heck, I won't sell the work if it's not in front of people.

How do I get prints ready for the bin?
First I buy a crap load of mat board. I don't use the archival stuff--just the regular. Hopefully buyers will be framing work within 20 years after purchase.

Then I cut the board the same size as the print, maybe a hairline larger, using a straight edge and a straight razor.

Then I take a roll of acetate--clear wrapping paper essentially, purchased at a craft store--and wrap up the print and mat board (print in front obviously) and seal the back using clear tape.

I slip in a Savage Artist postcard and business card before sealing the back with clear tape. sells nice plastic bags that are faster than the acetate route. If you like to wrap gifts, the acetate way is very gratifying. :) I'll be making labels with pertinent info like edition number, price, etc, that I'll affix on the back. Artist Catherine Small makes sure to grab the buyer's address during the sale so she can mail them a letter of authenticity along with her thank you note, which I think is a great idea and will hopefully be implementing.

Where can you see my bin work?
Oh, let me tell you! Soon it'll be uploaded to my Etsy account, but until then it'll be at WPA's Open House which is this Sunday, 4/7/3013, 1109 Shady Lane from 4-6 pm.

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