Monday, April 1, 2013

Time Sucks

Beware of Time Suckers
I don't mean the concept of time sucks. I mean there are things out there that are time suckers. One of them is volunteering. I do too much of that. I'm pulled in a lot of directions--PTA, neighborhood association, church, printmaking organizations--and it's important to learn when to say no so I can work on my job of making art. I'm still learning how to do this, and every year I need to have an adjustment. I was recently asked to step into a more active PTA role and I did a great thing. I said I'd think about it over the course of a few days and I eventually declined. I'm going to practice thinking. Apparently it works. April's task: protect boundaries and enjoy the things that really matter to me--family, art, ukulele, faith, and Words with Friends.

Evernote is Helpful
I am still enjoying Evernote. I have a busy week preparing for a workshop being held this weekend (yes, a volunteer organizing gig--one that I am giving up at the end of the year mind you) and it was nice putting stuff down and so I can at least feel more focused and a little less crazy. 

Other stuff:

  • My daughter made me this bead Easter bunny yesterday. Crafting runs in the family. 
  • Artist and printmaker Cary Hulbert created a Kickstarter and it was funded in 4 days. She's still seeking funding for future projects and the rewards of her current Kickstarter include handpulled prints. Check it out here
  • Austin Art Boards just posted their 2013 billboard competition. Free to enter!
  • Bay6 Gallery and Studios has an opening on Saturday, Apr. 6, 7-10 pm.
  • WPA has an open house on Sunday, Apr. 4, 4-6 pm.

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