Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Horus and Anubis--that's what my son tells me anyway

(Deep inhale. Still so shaken over Boston.)

Super Amazing Mind-Numbing Stuff
I watched a NOVA episode about an ancient Greek artifact that is believed to be the first computer. Built by Archimedes. Whoa. Fascinating. I feel another print coming. Here's the link to NOVA if you want more info.

Horus and Anubis
While that's been brewing, I've been working on a small project for my kids' elementary school--a small billboard announcing the upcoming art show. I know you're thinking "WTH?! She keeps complaining about taking on too much!" 'Tis true, but this gives me great joy. I plan on giving my time to sources that serve me. If I'm (a.) truly advancing my profile/career in some way (b.) forging positive relationships and/or (c.) obtaining a level of joy that feels worthy of the effort put forth, it's an activity worth considering. I've noticed I keep doing stuff just because I've done it before without reevaluating if it would be a better fit for another individual. Or--because I'm excited to have been asked without really considering the question. How can I be 45 and still learning this crap?
Some detail shots of the heads.

The jackel reminds me of our old dog Banjo. He was a good boy.

Banjo was a lover, not a fighter. But he was nothing like our new dog Io, who is afraid of everything. This is how she looks even after the vacuum is put away.

Taxes are done. My slate is looking pretty good from this angle. I think I'll make a paper mache bird (pigeon? hawk? not sure yet). Guess what I'm using as the guts and body of the bird? You guessed it! My tax guide!

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