Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I've had some ideas percolating around, so I just signed up for a month of laser time at MAKEatx so I could work on them. I'm excited! I finally made it into the studio to work on my own crap yesterday, and boy did it feel good, especially because I've had my face in the computer screen for a few days now working on a graphic design project. Yawn.

Here's some stuff that went on last week before the design job started
I worked on a paper mache bird. It's painted now but you'll have to wait on that.

I proofed some wood and chip board scraps after they were laser cut, trying to figure out the best laser settings for an upcoming workshop.

intaglio (plate made of chip board)

relief (plate made of Baltic birch)

And yesterday I finally worked on my Io painting.

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dawn said...

ooo, so much on the go and all of it fun! And btw I like to think of "skipping a few days" as having joined the slow blogging movement. It sounds so much better.