Monday, April 29, 2013

Promoting Minecraft

I can't believe it. I'm promoting Minecraft. My kids love it, but I do worry about my son who appears addicted. He gets screen time Fri-Sun, and he's been known to burst into tears if he loses 5 mins of time due to a scheduling conflict. He's 11.

Anyway, the t-shirt was for a fundraiser and I made a popular screen that pulled in massive donations (kids brought their own shirt, we screened it, all for 3 bucks) at Friday's Fine Arts Extravaganza at Gullett Elementary. We screened other shirts too, Hermione

and a Gullett Gecko. 

Making the screen

  1. Find a creeper online and size it to your screen. 
  2. Use the printout as a guide for your stencil. Tape or trace stencil on freezer paper, shiny side down and cut out. 
  3. Iron your stencil onto the screen. My Speedball screen wasn't square, so keep that in mind when ironing on your stencil, even if using a brand new screen. You'll want your design oriented to the part of your screen (in my case the top) that you're going to have clamped to your support when printing. I used a high setting with a cloth napkin between the iron and the screen, and let the iron sit for about a min before moving it to another part of the stencil.  This totally didn't work! It bleed under the freezer paper. I ended up using blue tape as my stencil instead of freezer paper. 
  4. Use screen filler and paint around the stencil. 
  5. Peel stencil off. Touch up where necessary. 
  6. Voila! Tape screen edges with masking tape on the flat side of the screen and it's ready to go.
For an authentic creeper, print black ink on green shirt.

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