Friday, May 3, 2013

Hello Friends

Look who I found lurking in my "One of These Days" pile. Kepler and Brahe! The were printed intaglio (cel-tec substrate on Rives BFK) and then cut out and placed on this new blue monotype background--soon to be adhered. I'm thinking of using silver leaf for Brahe's nose. Poor guy lost it in a duel. Yes. A duel.

I also starting working on this piece. I coated it with a layer of soft gel medium. Still brewing on what's happening there. It hasn't gotten any love for weeks. Usually I have a fixed idea of a project before embarking. This is one where I don't know which move is next until it happens. It feels a little like driving blindfolded, but I'm going with it.

I had a friend and blog reader say to me the other day that she can't believe I get so much done. Well, from my angle it doesn't feel like that at all. I'm a master procrastinator, preferring to watch my recorded PBS programs (name one and I probably watch it) and play WWF when I ever happen to have a spare moment. Because of this my house is generally a disaster. I moved into my studio the end of February and yet my home studio--now the all purpose/guest room--still looks like this.

I promised my husband that I would have it cleaned by the end of April, but what I really meant is that I would start cleaning it once April was over. So May 1 I ventured in and I've been plugging away at it a little each day. I need a scheduled guest to make this a reality. Any takers?

On the other hand, my new studio looks like this. I'm ready for visitors right now! Come to Canopy's First Look on May 11 and 12. I'm so excited to be opening up the studio to the world so I'll be sending out blasts and promoting the tour to everyone I know, no matter how loosely.

The good news is I'm feeling amazingly caught up on non-art related stuff (house is in decent shape and there's food in the fridge) and feeling way behind on art-related stuff, so I'm hot to get into the studio and work. 

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