Monday, May 20, 2013

Laser Magic

I've been lasering some more light switches because I sold my 3 prototypes at the recent Open House. People love Tesla and I guess I shouldn't be surprised because he is awesome. Some guy came into MAKEatx while I was in there wanting to know if I was changing out all the light switches at my house since I was making so many. Now that's a good idea!

I've been wanting to make a print on the first computer, which experts have attributed to Archimedes. I watched a NOVA about it several weeks ago and blogged about it here, and while lasering yesterday I cut some gears for the print. I'm planning on making a collagraph at some point. I have so many things started and not finished and so I'm hoping to hold off on working any more on this print until I have a few other items crossed off my list. But seeing that laser cut out the littlest gear with teeny tiny little prongs made me so incredibly giddy that it's going to be hard to hold off. I needed to create the gears in Corel Draw, but once I had a little help from the MAKEatx people I was off to a good start. The little gear is between quarter and nickel size. It was amazing seeing the laser cut so precisely.

I have this recent Tesla matrix, which I reported on a week ago or so. I have coated the back of the mat board with 100% liquid medim/varnish and the front with 50:50 varnish:water. I added some gel with pumice to Tesla's hair and moustache so they don't wipe out. I need to coat the front again with another 50:50 solution before proofing, which will hopefully happen next week. So much to do, so little time.  

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