Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Veni, vidi, vici

I had two hours to spend in my studio today and so I got in there and did what needed to be done. I started a new collage on Friday (yes, yes, I have tons of works in progress, I know, but this is for an invitational...). This was what I found coming in today:

First I finished up the background and then I slathered on a layer of Golden Heavy Gel Medium to simulate an encaustic work. I'll be in there on Thursday for the results, but the Heavy Gel--applied here with an old credit card--is supposed to remain a bit opaque. Innnnteresting. Here's an close up on the bottom left of the piece. (See Fermat in the lower left?)

If this is the background, what's going on top?
 I'm still figuring it out or I'd tell you. I know it has to do with math. Oh, and here are my gels. I use the soft gel as the adhesive.

I found this 5x7 doodle and I am loving the circles and graphite

and it's making me closer to figuring out what to do with this piece:

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