Monday, June 3, 2013

Heavy Gel Results

After 3 layers of heavy gel, I have a background. I have a detail shot and you can see that that gel has made the collage a lot softer. This piece is evolving as I go along and it's been fun since I don't typically work this way.

Now, on with the foreground. I'm thinking of drawing a tree based on graph theory (wiki link here). I have a hazy image in my noggin' and hopefully I can turn it into something. (The curator of this invitational tree-themed show wanted an image by the end of May, so I'm a little behind schedule.)

Summer camp(s)
I've had lots of stuff happen in the last 7 days--all of it good. I'll be teaching a workshop at Griffin School this summer and I'm so excited! I get 2 groups of rotating campers and I'll get to spend 1.5 hours with them 3 days in a row! During the school year I teach a printmaking workshop one day a week and there is so much re-teaching that happens when there's a week gap in between lessons, so this is going to be wonderful. We're going to be focusing on collagraphs since they are my favorite printmaking technique, and since I'm creating the lesson plan, I have the power to make that happen. :) I do have a picture from Griffin's art show, which showcased work from the spring printmaking workshop I led there, and here it is:

I'm also co-teaching 2 workshops in Georgetown this summer through Georgetown Art Works. A gelatin printmaking workshop and a relief workshop (linoleum). Contact me if you'd like more info.

Another good thing
One of my prints has been chosen for a city-wide ad campaign. What's really funny about this is it all happened very organically. At the beginning of the year, my friend's mom came over to pick her child up from a playdate and I had all my framed work propped up against my wall after a show--just dreading making it all fit back into my home studio.

Due to my laziness, she saw the work and like it, which eventually formed into this opportunity. I swear, I didn't know she was in PR when I left all my work out, but how wonderful that it all came together. I'll let you know more about the campaign when it comes together, but if you're curious, this was the artwork chosen.

Lasering going well
I'm still into the lasering thing. It ends this week and then I'll be picking up printmaking where I left it. I have several things in the queue, and this one I'm excited to proof.

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