Monday, July 1, 2013

Look Ma, I'm Ironing!

I'm at the stage where I'm putting my painting on panel. It's easier moving a work on paper around when one is in the middle of it, but dang, the affixing the thing to panel afterward is a challenge. I have a both the panel and back of the paper coated with Liquitex varnish and medium, which was applied weeks ago. Then I have a fresh thick layer of Golden soft gel sandwiched in between. All my brayers are at my studio and since I'm working at home during the summer so I can monitor my offspring, I thought if I used my hand to smooth out the painting I'd been fine and wouldn't get too many bubbles. Not so. Now that's it's dry I'm trying to reactivate the gel and flatten out the bubbles using an iron. It seems to be working. On the bright side, my iron was able to feel useful. The paper thingy under the iron is a piece of Silicone Release Paper. You can by a pack of 10 sheets for about $10. The bazillion layers of paint on the paper don't seem to be phased at all by the hot iron, so I guess it's working.

Grackles are out! I'm packaging the last of the Art-of-the-Month club grackles.

 Grackles in Ohio? Maybe. 

 Wrapped up and ready to go. 


Megan Kielt Kressin said...

We love our grackle! He's going on the wall tomorrow--thanks!

Cathy Savage said...

Oh that's great news! :)