Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Home Studio is Back!

It's only Wednesday but it feels like a Friday. I'm ready to kick off my shoes and do a dance after several action packed days. Focus, Cathy, focus. 

Home Studio Revived
My kids are in half day camps this week so I've been working at home, which has really been great. I took up shop in my old studio and I've been working with Carolyn Kimball on getting our Art-of-the-Month-Club subscription out the door, though here she is pictured at our kitchen table (my husband's biggest complaint since "home studio" really means "entire house"). This installment was time consuming but we wanted to kick off the series in a significant way--besides, working with Carolyn is fun.

Carolyn and I have the next 2 months sketched out and have discussed a collaborative print down the road that may somehow use this established matrix. The gears were cut by the laser at MAKEatx. I just glued them onto a prepared piece of mat board, inked, wiped, and printed on damp paper. More on this if/when it develops.

Getting Busy
I have two deadlines coming up so I may have to skip my daily dose of Dr. Who for today and the rest of the week. (The kids and I are watching an episode a day when we can fit it in...) I brought two floundering pieces home to work on this week and today is the day that I make serious progress. I hope anyway.

Thing One (camera had a hard time focusing due to the massive amounts of gel medium layered on top)

and Thing Two

Check back later in the week or weekend for some progress!


Roberta said...

Can you tell me a bit about that paper cutter? Brand etc? Any good?

Cathy Savage said...

The brand's called tonic, it's probably at any crafting store. I like it...