Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Silver Leaf--I'm no longer afraid

It's pretty easy to apply this stuff. When I first tried it I made a nose out of cut paper and applied the leaf to it--afraid I was going to mess up my original--but it looked stuck on and very uninspiring. So I ripped it off and tried again.
Brahe's uninspired nose job. Time for more surgery. 

Here's the nose before. You can see how chewed up the paper is where I ripped off the other one. The special glue has been applied. After it dries for 5-10 mins, you just burnish the silver leaf with a bone folder.

Help me! I need a nose!

Here it is after.

Hi! Do you like my silver nose? I lost it in a dual!

I have renewed energy on this piece since I signed up to show 15 new pieces in January. That's one way to move the 90% finished work to the Done column. 

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