Friday, October 25, 2013

Pricing Your Work

© 2011 Cathy Savage
Pendulous Perriot,
17 x 8", intaglio, collage
Weeks ago I had a coaching session with Laura C. George. I was feeling stressed and run-away-train-ish about my upcoming obligations (much like the clown on the right with my chain always being yanked!) and Laura helped me get back on track by focusing on the important tasks and setting reasonable goals. She helped me determine which items I needed to put back on the shelf until my PrintAustin event is far in the rear view mirror.

Great news! Laura is offering a FREE webinar on pricing work. We all need help with this at times, and what good fortune to have Laura's expertise in this kind of accessible format--especially the super sweet freeness part.

The webinar is happening Wednesday, October 30th at 2 PM EST. To sign up, click here

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