Monday, November 18, 2013

God Bless Tesla

Well, I had a successful first weekend of EAST (East Austin Studio Tour) due to none other than Tesla and all his admirers. I sold dozens of light switches and finger puppets, and several fans. I felt a little guilty as I was counting my earnings and thought, gee, how ironic that I'm profiting off of Tesla when the guy died penniless. At least I'm spreading Tesla Love at an affordable price. ;)

Studio mate Carolyn Kimball and I will be in there again this coming weekend, 11/23-24, from 11-6, 916 Springdale Rd, Ste. 218

I'm lasering more this week in prep for the second weekend of EAST. If you want one,
let me know and I'll put one on hold. Single toggle $10, double $15

5 bucks gets you a Tesla finger puppet and they come in S, M, L, and XL.
I have limited stock. I had no idea they'd be such hot sellers. Go Tesla!

No fan image in my arsenal of pics, but this Tesla print is on blue
card stock with a large wooden craft stick as the handle. $1 each, and
once they run out they are G-O-N-E. 

Here are some shots of our studio during the tour. So clean!! Folks were questioning whether or not we worked there or just used it as a gallery. Ha! They should see the crapola temporarily stacked in my house until the end of EAST when I can bring it all back to the studio.

See the Tesla nook in the corner? This is where all my action was located. You can also see
Carolyn's sweet tea towels, that were also very, very popular. 

Here's the other shot of the room. See the yummy offerings to our guests?
My goodness they put away our stash that we mistakenly thought was
going to cover both weekends. Looks like another Costco trip is on the horizon. 

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