Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Pirate Shirt is Back!

Did you ever see that Seinfeld episode? I was thinking about it the entire time I was working on Brahe's shirt.

 © 2013 Cathy Savage, Brahe, Kepler and Planetary Motion, 20 x 20",
intaglio, monotype, trace monotype, handwork, silver leaf
As a finishing touch to this print I added trace monotype on Brahe shirt since it needed some jazzing up. Here's how:

First, I created the design. I looked at costumes from the period and found a doo-dad that looked great. After drawing it, I scanned it into the computer and copied and pasted it over and over again to get the pattern. Next came lining up the plexi to the already printed and mounted Brahe. I created a Sharpie outline on the back of the plexi so I'd know where to wipe off excess ink.

After rolling up the ink, I wiped the edges

and was ready to place my print face down on the inked area.

I was careful not to rest my hand on the back of the print, knowing just the weight of my hand would lift off ink. I placed my pattern on top of the print and began tracing using a ball point pen.

Voila! Fancy!

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