Monday, December 2, 2013

Oops I did it Again

I had some advice today from my sis: I need a website with shopping cart abilities. My website needs some serious TLC. I've made that a 2014 priority, but keep in mind it was a 2013 priority at some point. It's time to get serious. Any suggestions out there on an easy but affordable way to start this endeavor? I've had plenty of false starts and would like to figure this out very soon. All advice welcome!

© 2010 Cathy Savage, Flatware, intaglio, 15 x 22"

My sis wanted to purchase this print but had no way of knowing the price/availability. (Luckily she texted me. Another potential buyer might have clicked away without trying to reach out.)

With this cyber-Monday being the biggest one yet, were you set up for sales? Did you offer a discount on your etsy site? Do tell!

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Roberta said...

I too have been trying to figure this out as well. Etsy is really not doing it for me.I have been on there for years and can count on my hands how many sales I have had over the years. I have thought about adding a shopping cart to my blog since that is where I get the most visitors but is that weird? Would it be a turn off? I don't know. Let me know what you come up with.