Monday, March 17, 2014

Apps I Love

I've probably mentioned some of these before, but today when I was grabbing stuff and getting ready to head to the studio, I started thinking about my apps and how they make my life easier so I thought I'd rinse and repeat.

Evernote--this is an organizer of all things electronic. I use it for my data searches--I'm sure it's more robust, but it's basically all I've used Evernote for so far. For instance, I'm working on a new print about Isaac Newton and I've researched his portraits, laws of motion, telescope, and the color wheel. One way to research and save all this info is by using Evernote. I can virtually "clip" the info I'm wanting and save into a file for later review. I have all kinds of other "notebooks." I have notebooks for workshops, subjects I'm investigating for future artwork, marketing stuff, vacation information, galleries I want to investigate, and even recipes. You can download Evernote to your PC, ipad, and smart phone and have them all sync. Bravo!

Honorable mentions in this same vein: Google Drive and Dropbox. Love, love, love! I use Evernote more regularly, but these other two can't be overlooked.

Words With Friends--no brainer. I love this game! When I'm at a tough spot on a plate or need to kill some time or relax for a bit, this is where I head.

Pandora--I usually don't listen to music when I'm prepping a plate, but I do like it when printing.

PayPal Here--for those occasions when I make a sale.

Netflix--because sometimes I like something running in the background. This I love to do when prepping a plate. (Breaking Bad anyone?)

Today was fabulous. I worked in the studio today for 4 glorious hours working on my Isaac Newton plate. Here's the before--I just have a few details to add tonight. The after comes tomorrow when I go in and print it. Fingers crossed! 


Roberta said...

I too like to play "words with Friends" Maybe we could play some time.

Cathy Savage said...

Let's do it!