Monday, March 3, 2014


Well, well, well. I'm back! I needed to take a break from the blog unfortunately, to help put on the most amazing print-related event in Austin's history (I'm guessing this anyway), PrintAustin. The older I get the more I try and keep my family time sacred, and even though I cut into it somewhat with PrintAustin, something had to give and it was the blog. I can only do so much.

I did get back into the studio last week and it felt great! I accidentally left the plate at home that was I planning to work on, so I made due and put something together in an impromptu sorta fashion. It felt pretty good to do that since my work is otherwise very tight and controlled.

The first thing I did was bevel my plate (I'm using Sintra), then scuff it up on the concrete floor to get incidental marks by kicking it and stomping on it.

Then I cut circles out of clear contact paper and started sticking them down on my plate

resembling another print I did on Archimedes' computer.


It was great not needing to worry about sealing the plate with a coat of PVA, which is what I normally need to do when using collage materials.

Next, I printed. I made several variations but this one looked the best. I think the first 4 prints were a warm-up since it's been so long since I printed.

paper size, 30 x 22"
I hope to be back printing and posting with more frequency as the weeks roll on. 


Pat Langley said...

Print Austin was beautiful. Thanks for making Georgetown part of this great show.

Cathy Savage said...

Thanks Pat! We loved having Georgetown part of it and hope for a repeat in 2015!

I had a blog reader ask about the cutter that I used. Here's the link: