Thursday, March 6, 2014

Well hello Isaac Newton!

I sat in on a fabulous workshop last year and never really experimented the same technique using my Akua inks dum dum dum... until now! I had fun experimenting last week using a charcoal pencil sketch and turning it into a print.

First, ink up plexi plate with thin layer of Akua intaglio opaque white, straight out of the can. Then on tracing or tissue paper, use a charcoal pencil (or charcoal vine) and sketch something. Shake off any charcoal dust. Next, place your paper face down on your plate and run it through the press in order to transfer your drawing to your plate.
Here's my plate with my tissue paper drawing face down, ready to be transferred. 
Drawing on the left, freshly transferred to the plate on the right.
There's enough charcoal left on my tissue paper to transfer to an additional plate.  

Next, on top of your plate, roll on a thin layer of Akua Release Agent, apply your dampened paper, and run through the press. Voila!

The charcoal is sandwiched between the opaque white and the release agent, so there's no charcoal rub off. I was just experimenting here, but you can see there could be some fun reasons to use this technique. The charcoal line looks very much like a lithograph crayon. 

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