Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Almost Done with this Beast

Let me be clear--Tesla is not the beast, the assemblage is. It hasn't been too much actual labor, but the what goes where was a dose of mental agony. Granted, it would come and go. I wasn't thinking about the piece 24/7, but whenever I thought of it I would grind my teeth. Glad it's almost out the door, for better or for worse.
Tesla, in process
One problem that stumped me was where to put the battery pack (he has little lights up top). My son suggested a wooden box, but really, where would it go? In a haze of almost wakefullness this morning, I came up with the where. It's being glued right now. You can kinda see it on the right hand side--it's behind and to the side of his name. Whew. I just need to make the lid now. (Yay for power tools that live in the garage and not someplace far away and inaccessible.)

The Tesla Project is happening Saturday! We managed some radio coverage and some print coverage (page 34), which is a relief. One doesn't want to throw a party and have no shows. 

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