Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Big Exhale

I just had my gigantic undertaking--The Tesla Project--end. It was marvelous! It was a whole lotta work but fun nonetheless. And I'm thrilled to report that I'm off on vacation for the next 7 days to the glorious mountains of North Carolina!

Here's the final Tesla piece hanging up in the show:

Picture taken by NJ Weaver

  • I had friend Carolyn Kimball print up my pen and ink drawing of Tesla onto some Tea Towels for me and they look marvelous! They are on my Etsy site in case you need one. 
  • Here's a CFE that you may be interested in. It's the Art Hop in Georgetown, Texas. 
  • Boomerang--have you heard of this? It's a plugin for Gmail and it's great. You can boomerang emails back to your inbox if they are something that you aren't ready to file but aren't ready to deal with right away--it helps keep your inbox from being overloaded. I may have already mentioned this. If I have, it's only because it's awesome.
I probably won't be posting while in the boonies, so have a great week!

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Roberta said...

Have a lovely vacation!