Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jigsaw Puzzles--always a good time.

I've always been good at puzzles. I don't think my method is different than most people--I go about them in a very systematic way, edges first, then grouping by color. My kids will ask for help on a puzzle and then shoo me away because I'm fitting in too many pieces. Yeah, I feel smug around children. :)

I also like reconstructing a piece in print, which I liken to solving a puzzle. I've done this a few times now, and enjoy the problem solving. Take this piece for instance. It's a collage.

© Cathy Savage, Doodles in Math Class, 22 x 30", mixed media

I'm attempting to redo it in print for a show I'm in early next year. I'm under a bit of pressure because the holidays are fun but time sucking, so I decided to stick with an image I already have worked out and go from there. 

Today I made the background:

Then covered it a bunch of time with opaque white. Getting there...

The colors look more vibrant in real life, I'm telling myself right now as I type this. All I know is I had an absolute blast in the studio today. I must have run this print under the press 10 times and I was free and easy unlike my usual pent up neurotic self. The paper feels super heavy with all the ink, or maybe that's just my imagination, but I'll be back at it hopefully tomorrow to add in some graphite or charcoal (I'm leaning charcoal). I'm going to try and transfer the graphite/charcoal to my plate using tissue paper, then flip it onto to my paper. Fingers crossed! If I'm successful, I'll be telling you more about it. 

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