Monday, May 4, 2015

Ahhh. Good to be back.

I've taken a seriously long hiatus from my studio. Sure, things have been happening here and there, but nothing really worth noting. I was swamped with PrintAustin 2015 and there's been some residual work post event that I'm still dealing with, but things are more or less wrapped up. I did go into the studio the other day and finished this piece.

Io, acrylic on panel, 22 x 30"

I started it in Jan 2013, and I know that because I found this post. I'll post some close up pics this week--there's some interesting stuff going on...

So, if you're feeling like you haven't much in awhile, I suggest picking up a dusty piece and finishing it. It does wonders for the insides. 

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Aine Scannell said...

Cathy I couldn't 'drop by' and not say is it all going for you?

I am still trying to get somewhere with Akua Kolor (which is how I happened to come on here right now).

Would you believer there aren't any print workshops here in the UK that are using Akua inks - its really frustrating. I am doing various proofs at the moment as well - inking them up with Akua intaglio (it is so non labor intensive - which is great for me) anyway it has confirmed to me that I want to get a whole pack of Akua intaglio tubs, for use in my future intaglio printmaking. Given my so called 'health condition' it will help me a lot. I hope you know your blog is probably my absolute favorite blog. You take care now.

very best wishes